Re-launch of Official Davisson Brothers Band Website

KSKM - Davisson Brothers Band - Website Design

Website Design and Build of a CMS website for the Davisson Brothers Band

KSKM is happy to re-launch the official website for the Davisson Brothers Band,

We built a CMS website, utilizing the WordPress platform, where the Davisson Brothers Band will be able to keep their huge country music fan base updated more easily of all the shows, events, music, videos and news that they have going on with their crazy schedule.

Using Website Design elements fans will be able to navigate around the new website easier and quicker and be able to find the band’s music and videos while also being able to listen to their songs and watch videos directly on their new website.

KSKM was able to assist the Davisson Brothers Band in making things easier for fans to also find the band on all the social media sites they are on and to become more informed on all the events and past touring information.

Because, our uniquely designed website packages have been built to optimize sound website building practices for our clients we were able to build for the Davisson Brothers Band an SEO sound website structure that will make the band’s reach grow as quickly as they are as they expand nationally with their music into new markets.

Incorporating the SEO friendly practices, our KSKM uniquely designed website packages and the out of box SEO powerful tools that the WordPress CMS platform brings to the table the Davisson Brothers Band was able to get the very powerful, visually appealing and easily managed website built and launched that a country music group on the rise needs.