KSKM - LED Fireworks - Ecommerce Website

Website Design and Build of an E-Commerce Website for LED Fireworks

KSKM is excited to launch an E-Commerce website for the outdoor LED toy sales business LED Fireworks.

We built an E-Commerce website, utilizing the Shopify platform, where LED Fireworks will be able to sell their LED family toys to customers who want some fun and exciting outdoor entertainment.

Using Website Design and Graphic Design elements we were able to create some custom graphics for the website and product packaging that they needed to purchase merchandise from their distributor.

Moving forward LED Fireworks will utilize Website Maintenance Packages, which can be included in our Discounted Website Packages, to market and advertise their product online and on their many social media sites, which will include new graphic design elements for ads and promotional videos of people using and enjoying these fun toys.

Because, our uniquely designed website packages have been built to optimize sound website building practices for our clients we were able to create for LED Fireworks an SEO sound website structure that makes it easy for customers to navigate and explore the website, find out where LED Fireworks will be selling their products locally and find LED Fireworks on other social media sites.

Incorporating the SEO friendly practices, our KSKM uniquely designed website packages and the out of box SEO powerful tools that the Shopify E-Commerce platform brings to the table LED Fireworks was able to get a very powerful, visually appealing and cost effective website built and launched that will help them attract customers and sell their product safely online for years to come.