About Website Maintenance

KSKM offers Website Maintenance services to all customers. No matter if we built your website or not. How we handle Website Maintenance is we sell blocks of time that are used for updating pretty much whatever on the sites and more. So, when you need more content put on the site we just deduct from the block of time you purchased by the minute.

“By the Minute?”

Yes, we deduct time used by the minute and inform you when the time is being used up at the 50% and 75% milestones, so you know that another block needs to be purchased soon. We can also provide a .pdf, upon request, when the time is used up to see where the time was used and for what.

What’s Included?

Things that are included, which are new to the Website Maintenance service, would be graphic design work, SEO optimization packages, or theme redesign to name just a few.

How Long Are the Minutes Good For?

Of course, since it is a block of time we could use 2 hours one month placing a lot of content on your website and 23 minutes the next month when there isn’t that much change. Therefore, because every client’s usage is different the blocks of time are good for 23 months from the payment due date on the invoice. Also, once time is consumed on your project using your minutes the package purchased is non-refundable.

Website Maintenance Packages


120 minutes
Savings of 0%


300 minutes
Savings of 52%


600 minutes
Savings of 53.6%


1200 minutes
Savings of 56.8%


1800 minutes
Savings of 58.4%


2400 minutes
Savings of 60%

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How Do I Get Started?

To get started today contact KSKM to get all of your questions answered and start the process of assessing your branding needs.

Website Maintenance Package - Upgrades

If you are already a KSKM client and you are currently on a custom Website Maintenance Package and it’s time to order more minutes you can use one of our Upgrades services.