Took Our Website and Social Media to a Whole New Level

KSKM / Kevin Lapsley took our website ( and all of our social media sites to a whole new level! As a working band, we need to look as professional as possible and reach as many folks as possible, and once we signed on with KSKM, Kevin took what we originally had, and turned it up to 11! Reworked our web site and socials and is there for us 24/7 with any questions we may have or anytime we needed attention to anything. As musicians, we are not internet savvy, so having Someone like Kevin / KSKM that is all knowing in these areas, was and is outstanding! Highly recommended for anyone with web site needs, social media needs, and tying all those things together with a uniformed appearance. Could not be happier, and our reach is getting bigger and bigger, and our numbers are growing! Thanks so much to Kevin and KSKM!

Stone Senate, – June 18th, 2020