I Worked With Kevin For My TV Show…


“Urban Underdog www.urbanunderdog.com coming soon!.. I filmed it and needed someone to Edit the whole thing.. Another person had moved away and left me hanging but by the grace of God I somehow got in touch & found Kevin.. He agreed to do the editing for the show and the rest is history.. I gave him all of the footage and his work on it exceeded all of my expectations by far… It was like he understood my vision on the whole thing.. He took it upon himself to do all the little and big things that was needed to get it done.. He is still helping me out on a lot of different fronts especially with the new website for the show! The dude is simply amazing at what he does.. Thanks KSKM for all your help. Who knows where I would be!… I recommend Kevin to anyone for filming, editing, dvd authoring, website and promotional solutions to your creative and advertising needs.”

Jason Fogg, www.JBonesMalone.com – Jul 21, 2011

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