Skittered TV Website Launched


Skittered TV website was launched today after many months of development with KSKM.

The website is a Dynamic CMS website created to spread the word about their video tweets. The website was designed with simplicity in mind and also to work with their many social media sites.

Their video tweets are inspired by random Twitter postings and then once they are created are posted to YouTube, so the site needed to also reflect this interaction. This was accomplished by CMS plugins and video embedding.

Because, all the videos on the site are being streamed from their YouTube channel, instead of being directly hosting on their server, all of their video views coming from their website still get reflected in their YouTube counts.

And because, their CMS website comes with robust out of the box SEO features, coupled with the fact that Skittered TV posts new videos twice a month, and a half dozen at a time, the SEO should be out of the roof with this website.

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