Browntown Films Inc. Websites Near Completion

006-kskm-june-2011Over the last month or so we have been building and redesigning three websites for John Charles and Kathlyn Hunt of Browntown Films Inc., a movie production company located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. KSKM is excited to say that the websites are active and are almost near completion. We redesigned Browntown Films Inc. and made it more “corporate” for all the business news and notes to the production company while Browntown Films was created from scratch and will be used for all the fun interactive photo galleries and trailers for all the projects going on. Last but not least, Browntown Films – Store is their eCommerce solution for when they start selling DVD’s of Jersey Justice, their first feature film starring Blanche Baker, Bo Svenson and Christopher Mann. A lot of work in a little amount of time but again check out the sites and become a fan of Browntown Films Inc.!!!