Barn Farm Website Launches!

KSKM-Barn Farm Website Launches-001

Website Design and Build of CMS for Barn Farm

KSKM is proud to launch a business website for 18th and early 19th century timber framer Skip Yates and

We built a CMS website, utilizing the WordPress platform, where Barn Farm will be able to highlight their visibly beautiful future and current projects to attract new clients from all over the region.

Using Website Design elements and new Still Photography along with integration of existing photos all future clients who find the new Barn Farm website will be able to easily see the skill, knowledge and sound practices that Barn Farm will bring to their future project.

After sitting down with Skip on site locations KSKM was able to get a sense for what Barn Farm was about, what they were trying to do and how they wanted to project their business to the general public. Because of this we were able to assist in creating Original Content that was SEO friendly for the website.

Moving forward Barn Farm will utilize Website Maintenance Packages, which can be included in our Discounted Website Packages, to continue to add new content and continue to add project photos which will allow their website to move forward and grow.

Because, our uniquely designed website packages have been built to optimize sound website building practices for our clients, and not to maximize KSKM profits at our clients expense, we were able to build for Barn Farm an SEO sound website structure that makes it easy for customers to navigate and explore the website.

Incorporating the SEO friendly practices, our KSKM uniquely designed website packages and the out of box SEO powerful tools that the WordPress CMS platform brings to the table Barn Farm was able to get a very powerful, visually appealing and cost effective website built and launched that will help them attract customers for years to come.