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Sound Recordist – P1CP1

LIST DATE: July 17, 2018

POSITION: We are in need of one Sound Recordist who has access to at least 2-3 wireless lavalier microphones and recording device. We have a Zoom H4N Pro Handy digital recorder that can be used with two input channels. Are seeking to film in Doylestown, PA, on location, on two separate half-days, or one full-day, during the month of August, 2018 or earlier. Will be recording 2-3 persons sitting, 2 locations, and walking, 1 location, around conducting an interview.

PROJECT: We are producing a documentary web series. We will need your help on the pilot and second episode. We will be using these two episodes to garner interest and funding for future episodes, which you would be given first offer.

COMPENSATION: This is a non-paid position for the pilot and second episode. If we gain funding you will be offered future work and compensation moving forward. You will be given full project and IMDb credit regardless of additional episodes and funding. Good position for a Sound Assistant looking to gain some Sound Recordist credits.

CONTACT: Please use the “Crew Position Contact Form” on this page to submit your interest in this project.

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