We Value Your Feedback

KSKM now offers instant Discounts off of your services invoice for something you might have done for free anyways. In an attempt at loyal customer appreciation. We decided to instead of asking you to take time out of your busy schedules via the kindness of your heart to leave a testimonial on our many social networking sites about your KSKM experience. We now are offering up to $10 off of your current bill if you post a testimonial of KSKM.

$5 Instantly Off of Your Bill

We will discount your bill by $5 if you leave a review on any one of these KSKM social media sites; Google Places, Yahoo Local, or Facebook.

$10 Instantly Off of Your Bill

If you take the time to leave a review, no matter if it is the same review, on all three of the KSKM social media sites (Google Places, Yahoo Local, or Facebook) we will discount your current bill by $10.

How Many Reviews Can I Leave?

You can leave as many reviews as you want, but we will only offer either the $5 or $10 off of your current project bill total. This also means if you are making payments you can not receive a discount for another positive review every time you receive a new payment invoice for the same project.

Is This a One Time Offer?

This is NOT a one time offer. Every time you use KSKM for your branding needs we will offer the $5 or $10 discounts listed above for some positive feedback from our loyal customers. So, a new project, a new bill, a new testimonial, a new Discount.

So, How Does This Work?

Once you receive your bill, or even before you receive your bill, post your testimonial to any or all of the KSKM social media sites listed below. Once, the testimonials are live notify KSKM of the reviews and we will check them out and either re-issue a discounted bill or send out an invoice with a discount applied to the bill. It’s that simple.

KSKM Social Media Site Links

Google Places
Yahoo Local

For all inquiries about this discount please contact us to answer all of your questions.

Telephone: 646-801-KSKM or 323-952-3098
Email: Contact Us