About Website Hosting

KSKM offers Website Hosting services to all customers. No matter if we host your website or not. Because, hosting your website some where is a necessary step in having an active website KSKM can provide you with detailed information so you make an informed choice on where you should host your website.

What If I Already Have Website Hosting?

KSKM works with all hosting providers so if you already are using a company to host your website working on your new project will not be a problem.

Does KSKM Offer Website Hosting?

Yes. KSKM offers powerful, reliable, and eco-friendly Website Hosting solutions to all of it’s customers.

How Many Hosting Packages Does KSKM Offer?

KSKM offers only one website hosting solution to keep things simple. The Professional hosting solution package ensures that your website can grow and expand as your business does without any limited restrictions.

Hosting Solution Package: Professional

c-Panel Yes
Disk Space Unlimited
Bandwith Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited
E-mail Addresses Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited

KSKM Hosting Solution Pricing

KSKM’s Professional website hosting solution package is billed once on a yearly basis. Upon activation or renewal KSKM will price match based off of competitors yearly rates for the same performance package. Visit our Hosting Policies page for a complete breakdown of Website Hosting costs.

How is KSKM’s Hosting Solution Eco-Friendly?

KSKM’s hosting servers pull energy from the grid just like every web hosting company. They pull energy from the grid to make sure that there is constant power flow and to make sure that the servers would not be interrupted by a lack of power.

However, in order to compensate for the power that is pulled from the grid wind energy credits are purchased for the energy that is consumed from the grid. In fact there is replaced, with wind power, 3 times the amount of energy used by our hosting servers so if there is 1X of power pulled from the grid there is enough wind energy credits purchased to put back into the grid 3X of power having been produced by wind power.

This allows our customers to say that their web sites are 300% green and are actually helping to make the web hosting and power systems greener, not just covering the carbon footprint but covering other’s carbon foot prints as well.

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