KSKM, was originally founded in 1999 by Kevin Lapsley as a production company for independent films. Over the years KSKM has maintained that creative side and now has two feature films, two shorts, two straight to DVD projects and a half dozen other projects already in-production or in-development. As the years moved on, and the knowledge and experience grew, KSKM now has expanded it’s services of editing, filming, dvd authoring, promotion and websites to the business and creative public.

As a result, every project we take on, no matter how big or how small, receives the same attention and level to detail, when it is being created, as we do with all of our own creative projects. And, during and after the project, all of our expertise and years of experience with promoting and delivering the project in the right format, to the correct audience via any avenue gets passed onto you and your project.

So, as KSKM, continues to expand in this direction and as you continue to grow and expand in the direction you want to head, whether you are a corporation, small business, band, actor, entrepreneur or just want to do something creative, but don’t know how to go about doing it, let KSKM handle your project professionally and at a price that is affordable.